STEP Academy Trust

STEP Academy Trust

STEP Academy Trust, formed of Applegarth Academy and Wolsey Junior Academy in New Addington, Gonville and David Livingstone Academy in Thornton Heath, Heathfield Academy in Croydon, La Fontaine in Bromley and Angel Oak Academy in Southwark.

Through membership of STEP Academy Trust, Applegarth Academy is committed to working in partnership so that the mission and vision of the Trust are realised. The name, an acronym, reflects the aspirational nature of the organisation – Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership. Inspired by the commitment to improve children’s life chances, STEP Academies work together to provide high quality learning experiences for all their pupils.

Mission Statement

At STEP Academy Trust we are committed to improving the life chances of all children. Where we have the capacity to make a difference, we are morally bound to do so. Members of the Trust strive together for excellence in partnership, so that our children, staff and Academy communities benefit from excellent teaching, learning and leadership.

Vision Statement

The vision of STEP Academy Trust is to achieve educational transformation by establishing a growing family of academies that share core values, principles and aims.


Whilst individuality and diversity are encouraged, all member academies subscribe to STEP Academy Trust Non-negotiables. These have been develped to identify common characteristics that must exist across the Trust. The Non-negotiables are grouped into three broad categories: “Ethos and Culture”, “Teaching and Learning” and “Investing in People”.


Trust Organisation

STEP Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee. The Board of Directors, the body responsible for running the Trust, meets once or twice each term. Each member of STEP Academy Trust has its own Local Governing Body which has delegated responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day management of their Academy. Information about STEP Academy Trust is available on the website at:

STEP Academy Trust Charity Trustees/Directors

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