Catering Provision for Applegarth Academy



Applegarth Academy receives the Bronze Catering Mark!

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Welcome to Applegarth’s Catering Team.

STEP Academy Trust recognise the importance of the lunch time across all of our academies.

Our catering is provided by our highly motivated and experienced STEP team and prepared fresh every day in our newly refurbished kitchen.

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To help us deliver a high quality lunchtime experience we share our PUPAC Values in our team.


Below is a short bio of our lead staff members at Applegarth.


Lisa Harris

My name is Lisa Harris and I am the cook for Applegarth Academy.

I have been in catering for over 12 years, I worked my way up to become a cook, which I have been for 3 years.

My day to day duties included opening up the kitchen at 7 am, setting up the service counters, preparing and cooking lunch for 200 pupils at Applegarth, but also over 170 pupils for one of our other STEP Academies, La Fontaine in Bromley. I also have to place all stock orders, check off invoices, put stock away, checking date rotation & stock taking.

I like to make sure all the children at Applegarth enjoy their lunch.

Assistant Cook

Sharon Reeves

My name is Sharon Reeves, I have worked in school catering for 8 years and was appointed to the assistant  cook position in 2012.

I set up and serve breakfast to our children from 8.00am – 9.00am.

From 9.oo am my duties are to assist our cook in the preparation and cooking of the school lunches. I serve on the infant counter, after service we clear away and make ready for the following morning.

I enjoy working with our amazing catering team at Applegarth and get great satisfaction knowing we have served a healthy, tasty lunch to our children.

Kitchen Assistants

Lesley Harris

Emma Decambre

Anita Walpole

Lisa Johnson

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To help ensure consistency of high standards across the Trust we have support from STEP Central Team. If you want to ask your cook a question please use one of the email links below.

STEP Catering Manager

Suzanne Martin

I have worked for STEP since April 2012 and I manage all of our on site catering teams.

I have worked in catering for over 12 years and enjoy working with the kitchen staff and being part of STEP.

Our aim is to encourage children to make healthy choices, but also giving them the opportunities to experience a wide variety of different cuisines.


STEP Deputy Catering Manager

Jo Sparks

I have worked for STEP 2012 within one of our kitchens. But in April 2015 I moved onto the role of Deputy Catering Manager.

I have been in catering for over 10 years.

My role involves working with our catering teams across STEP to ensure the smooth running of our kitchens and lunch times.