Meet the Team

Our Commitments:

  • Set the highest expectations in all areas of school life, so that all children can reach their full potential.
  • Deliver outstanding teaching, through an engaging and dynamic curriculum, which stimulates our chidren to be lifelong learners.
  • To provide a safe and enriching environment in which all children are able to develop thier strengths and grow in confidence.
  • To recognise and celebrate all cultures and beliefs within our community, to enable the children to be positive role models in society.

Leadership Team
John Halliwell – Executive Headteacher
Samantha Daly – Head of School Isobel Miskelly – Deputy Head
Felicity Gilmore – Assistant Headteacher
Early Years Team
Louise Bamfield – Teacher Rachel Carr – Teacher Amanda Stocco – Teacher
Tracy Bew – Early Years Educator
Megan Gwenlan – Teacher Hannah Simpson – Teacher
Gina Choo Fon – Teacher Lisa Greer – Teacher
April Williams – Teacher Ben Ramdaf – Teacher
Georgina Cox – Teacher Izzy Royds – Teacher
Charlotte Blackler – Teacher Ryan Leggat – Teacher
Jodie Fielder – Teacher Nathaniel Blanks – Teacher
Non class based Teachers
Ross Radford – PE Coach Sean Fagan – PE Coach
Fay Milward – Inclusion Manager Jack Prime – Teacher
Mark Charman – Teacher  Jerri-Lee Goater – Teacher Jonathon Langdale – Teacher
Support Staff
Lawrence Nanu – Learning Mentor Karen Harwood – Learning Mentor
 Lisa Ingram – Teaching Assistant  Tammy Curtis – Senior ICT Technician
Charlotte Ward – SFA Facilitator  Cassetta Henry – Teaching Assistant
Dawn Dogliotti – SFA Facilitator  Lesley Butcher – Teaching Assistant
Nicole Harmon – Teaching Assistant Ashleigh Todd – Teaching Assistant
Dinesh Seegobin – STEP Head of ICT
Admin Staff
 Naomi Walters – Business Manager Marie Wooldridge – Office Administrator Lyn Darlington – Administrative Assistant
Sally Rivers – Attendance Officer Kieron Blades – Administrative Assistant Sandy Pearson – Welfare Officer
Enhanced Learning Provision 
Gemma Barton – Teacher Sue Andrew – Teacher Lisa Makin – Teacher
Jenny Williams – Teacher Maxine Robinson – Teacher
 Trudi Harber – Specialist Teaching Assistant Lynn Gorrie – Specialist Teaching Assistant
Katy Gordon – Teaching Assistant  Nola-Jane Deflorimonte – Teaching Assistant
Site Staff 
Robert Bebe – Site Manager Ben Schneider – Assistant Caretaker Arthur Spriggs – Gardener
Breakfast and Lunchtime Supervisors 
Helen Aldous – Supervisor Jodie Suarez – Supervisor
Katy Gordon – Supervisor Michelle Marsh – Supervisor
Kitchen Staff 
 Lisa Harris – Head Cook Sharon Reeves – Assistant Head Cook
 Lesley Harris Kitchen Assistant Lisa Johnson – Kitchen Assistant
 Emma Decambre – Kitchen Assistant  Anita Walpole – Kitchen Assistant
 Suzanne Martin – STEP Catering Manager  Jo sparks – STEP Deputy Catering Manager
 Jodie Suarez Joanne Lurkins
 Cathleen Longhurst Hazel Phillips
Maria Parris