At Applegarth we place a very strong emphasis on recognising each individual’s particular strengths and areas for development. As a result of this, we pride ourselves on providing the children with a rich and meaningful Maths Curriculum.




Our children receive a maths curriculum which is designed to develop confidence, greater independence and ultimately life-long skills. In line with the aims of the new National Curriculum, our teaching promotes: mathematical fluency; greater opportunity for reasoning and developed understanding of solving problems in a variety of different contexts. As well as supporting children with larger barriers in maths, we also place great emphasis on pushing all of our learners to achieve beyond their own expectations. Maths provision for our most able learners is carefully matched to their needs, with regular additional enrichment opportunity.


All of our learners are encouraged to engage with mathematics outside of the dedicated mathematics’ sessions. This encouragement presents itself through dedicated online home access to maths’ resources; additional daily mental arithmetic sessions; RM Easimaths supervised sessions; whole school half-termly maths competitions and weekly homework.


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