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Leader in Education

Providing Support to Schools and Academies

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Mr John Halliwell, Executive Headteacher of Applegarth Academy and Wolsey Junior Academy in New Addington is a National Leader in Education (NLE). National Leaders in Education (NLEs) are outstanding Headteachers or Principals who, together with the staff in their schools (designated National Support Schools (NSS), use their skills and experience to support schools in challenging circumstances. In addition to leading their own schools, NLEs work to increase the leadership capacity of other schools to help raise standards.

Mr Halliwell is an outstanding serving Executive Headteacher responsible for running schools that meet the National Support Schools (NSS) criteria. Mr Halliwell has a proven track record of supporting under-performing schools and the capacity to support schools in the most challenging of circumstances.

Schools Led by Mr Halliwell

Applegarth Academy was awarded Primary Academy of the Year for Croydon for delivering excellent outcomes in 2015/2016 through creating an inclusive environment where pupils are valued, supported and nurtured. Applegarth Academy places the children at the heart of everything we do. We passionately believe that all decisions we make should have a positive impact upon children’s lives.


STEP Academy Trust

Applegarth Academy operates within STEP Academy Trust, which currently consists of 13 academies. Working in partnership, as part of STEP Academy Trust, has a number of key benefits including:

  • Rapid dissemination of best-practice across the group – sharing of policies, procedures etc.
  • Excellent professional development opportunities, which support the recruitment and retention of staff.
  • Sharing of teachers, expertise and best practice.
  • Access to high quality, shared services e.g. catering, premises, finance and ICT.
  • Innovative staffing arrangements – for example, staff working across more than one STEP Academy.
  • Training days in common, facilitating high quality CPD.
  • Economies of scale – STEP Academy Trust can procure “value for money” services for all of its Academies.

Within STEP Academy Trust there are three NLEs; Mr John Halliwell, Executive Headteacher for Applegarth Academy and Turnham Academy;  Mr Paul Glover, STEP Deputy CEO & Executive Trustee and Mr Mark Ducker, CEO of STEP Academy Trust & Executive Trustee.


If you would like information about the support Mr Halliwell is able to provide your school or academy, please make contact with Nicki Gillespie, Senior Business Manager on 01689 841 528 or call Applegarth Academy on 01689 841 528.