General Information



1. How much is Dinner Money?

Dinner money is £1.95 per day, or £9.75 for the week. Parents must pay in advance by using ParentPay online or by using a card at any Paypoint machine. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques or cash at the academy office.

2.     What time does school start?

Children should arrive at the academy no earlier than 8.45am. The playground will be supervised by a member of staff from 8.45-8.55am. At 8.55am a bell will signal for all children to line up and be taken into class by their class teacher.

3.     When can I buy uniform?

All items such as Sweatshirts, Fleeces  and books bags (with the academy logo) are to be purchased online from Tesco’s on this link . Polo shirts, skirts and trousers can be bought from any retailer.

4.     How do I make an application?

Parents must contact Croydon School Admissions to find out if a place is available for your child. If a place is offered, parents are welcome to make an appointment to look around the academy. Applications for our Nursery Class can be made directly to the academy. Please call the academy office to make an appointment.

5.     How do I book a holiday?

We do not encourage parents to book holidays during term time as this causes disruption to the children’s education. Holiday requests will be unauthorised unless there is an exceptional circumstance which has been discussed with the Headteacher. Please ask for a holiday form at the office and make an appointment to see the Headteacher.

6.     What should I do if I am worried that my child is being bullied?

Children have weekly PSHCE sessions where they learn about how to interact positively with the other children.

In the first instance, speak to your child’s class teacher. If bullying recurs then please talk to the Phase Leader. Please talk to us as soon as you are concerned. We take bullying very seriously. We have an anti-bullying policy that we are happy to talk parents through.

7.     Can I park at the school?

Parents cannot park on the academy premises. Where possible, we would encourage parents and children to walk to school.

8.     Can my child cycle to school?

Children should only cycle to school if they understand the ‘Green Cross Code’. All bicycles and scooters should be walked through the playground and locked securely in the cycle racks or scooter racks the school provides. The academy will not be held responsible for any damage to bicycles in the academy grounds.

9.     Can my child walk to school alone?

Parents who would like their children to walk to school, or walk home, alone must have given a signed consent form to the academy office.

10.     What should I put in my child’s packed lunch?

We encourage parents to provide a healthy meal each day for their child. Sweets and chocolate bars are not allowed. Children whom eat a school dinner will have a choice of vegetables or salad from the salad bar.

11.     What do I do if my child has lost a piece of clothing?

We strongly advise that all children’s clothing is clearly named. A lost property box is located inside the academy hall and will be put in the playground after school each Friday afternoon for parents to check.

12.     Where will my child go when they finish Applegarth

Meetings are held for Parents of Year 6 children in September of their last year and the Open Evenings are held for all of the Secondary Schools in Croydon in September and October. Children have left Applegarth to attend various Secondary Schools in Croydon and Bromley; Addington High, Shirley High, Charles Darwin.

13.     When will my child start in Reception?

In Croydon schools, all children are able to start primary school during the Autumn term of the school year in which they reach 5 years of age. The children’s entry is staggered over the course of one week; details will be given before admission.

14.     Can I bring toys in to school?

We strongly advise that no expensive items are ever brought in from home. There is no need to bring equipment for playtime as this is provided by the academy.

15.     Can I receive the newsletter by email?

Newsletters are emailed to parents on a Friday afternoon. A text message is also sent to parents when the newsletter has been sent.  Newsletters are also available to view on the academy’s website. Please make sure the office have an up to date email address if you would like to take advantage of this method.

16.     What is the best time to talk to the teacher if I have a question?

It is best to speak to the teacher as you bring your child into class in the morning, or to make an appointment to have a chat after school.

17.     Is there before and after school provision?

The school operates a Breakfast Club between 8.00 am and 8.50 am for pupils in Nursery to Year 6. The cost is £1.00 per session. There are also numerous after school clubs, these vary each term, and details will be provided upon admission.

18.     How can parents get involved?

Parents can support their children by reading with them, and encouraging them with their homework.

Additionally we organise three Parents consultation evenings each year and Class teachers will organise a meeting to give parents more information that will help you support your child’s learning at the beginning of each term.