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Enhanced Learning Provision

The Enhanced Learning Provision (ELP) for Speech and Language at Applegarth Academy, provides high quality specialist teaching and intensive speech and language therapy for children with Developmental Language Disorder. Below are links to documents for parents.

The aim of the ELP is to enable the reintegration of the children, wherever possible, into a mainstream setting. The ELP delivers an outstanding learning provision in a highly language aware environment.


The children in the ELP are taught in groups that best suit their learning needs. Each group has a specialist teacher and a specialist teaching assistant. The children in the ELP are on the school role at Applegarth Academy and are part of a mainstream class. NHS Speech and Language Therapist(s) and a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant provide intensive support and speech therapy in small groups and also on a 1:1 basis. Being part of Applegarth Academy ensures that the inclusion links between the children in the ELP and the Academy are highly valued. Links between the Academy and the ELP prepare and develop the necessary skills needed, should the child be ready to transition back into their local mainstream school. The academy's ELP uses PIVOT as an assessment tool. This allows the teachers to gain an even deeper understanding of each child is at and how further progress can be made.


The Curriculum

The children in the ELP follow a highly differentiated and modified National Curriculum, so that each child’s individual needs are met. The professionals work closely together to ensure focused and specific targets are set to meet the child’s language and educational needs. Each child has their specific needs identified and planned for in their Individual Education Plan.

Within the ELP, opportunities to encourage speaking and listening skills are prioritised and incorporated throughout the curriculum.

The children’s understanding and use of language, as well as their learning is supported through the use of visual and sensory resources alongside the signing systems, Paget Gorman, Makaton and Cued- articulation. Shape Coding is also used when appropriate and helps to develop the children’s spoken and written language.

The use of language is encouraged through structured therapy sessions, but also through the use of social skills groups, drama activities and Circle Time sessions. The targeted use of drama activities and role play areas encourage speech and language development and children also follow active listening programmes to support listening and attention.

Criteria for entry

The ELP is a suitable provision for children with:

  • A severe receptive and/or expressive Developmental Language Disorder.
  • Difficulties with learning as a result of their language disorder.
  • No primary emotional and behavioural difficulties

Children are considered for a place at the ELP if there is joint agreement between the Educational Psychologist and the Speech and Language Therapist that the child meets the above criteria. All admissions are processed by Croydon Local Authority through a clear admissions procedure.



Parents are encouraged to transport their children to and from the school where possible. The Local Authority are responsible for and arrange transport for families that live a certain distance from the ELP.