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At Applegarth, we believe it is every child's right to learn essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects. It is vital that they engage with their learning in an inquisitive way that will help them to remain committed to learning throughout their school careers and lives. We also want our children to develop personal qualities that they need to be good citizens and to respond to the changing contexts of their future lives whilst developing a sense of their own nationality and culture and at the same time, develop a great respect for the nationalities and cultures of others.

At Applegarth, we believe that for children to succeed in school, they must be reading at the national curriculum stage of learning by the end of each year group. To enable this, the school uses 'Success for All' (SFA) which is an evidence based school improvement strategy and of which, Applegarth is proudly a Flagship school.

SFA makes reading the cornerstone of the curriculum and makes learning fun and engaging for children. The collaborative approach of SFA is embedded within the culture of the school and is used across the wider curriculum.

At Applegarth, our children receive a maths curriculum which is designed to develop confidence, greater independence and ultimately life-long skills. In line with the aims of the National Curriculum, our teaching promotes: mathematical fluency; greater opportunity for reasoning and developed understanding of solving problems in a variety of different contexts. As well as supporting children with larger barriers in maths, we also place great emphasis on pushing all of our learners to achieve beyond their own expectations. Maths provision for our most able learners is carefully matched to their needs, with regular additional enrichment opportunity.

Here at Applegarth we believe that all children have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum that enables them to develop both as a collaborative team member as well as an independent thinker. Discovery promotes a project based approach to the wider curriculum where children are immersed within a selection of different subjects in a creative, hands-on and engaging style. Subjects are taught in a way that allows children to delve deep into the knowledge and understanding suitable for their age range. Additionally, it allows our proactive learners to critically think and reflect on their learning whilst developing the skills necessary to grow into enthusiastic, aspiring and proud citizens of our community.

Children work in a variety of ways: as a class, in groups, pairs or individually. The emphasis is always on active and meaningful involvement of children in their own learning. All children have regular opportunities to engage in musical and creative activities.

PE is an important part of the curriculum; therefore all children take regular part in regular physical exercise. Applegarth Academy actively encourages children to make healthy choices. This includes rewards for those who opt for fruit as a playtime snack or for choosing fruit or vegetables alongside their lunchtime meal.

The Academy is very well resourced, enabling teachers to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. We continue to invest in ICT so that our pupils can learn using the most up-to-date technologies. Within our curriculum we aim to provide for the academic, personal and social development of every child; encouraging them to work and think independently so that learning is irresistible.


Additional Support for Children

We provide a range of targeted support in order to overcome barriers to learning. Additional support for children is achieved through appropriate assessment, setting personalised challenges and responding to individual needs. Staff work closely with parents to ensure the learning needs off all children are met.

Please contact the academy office by email if you would like further information with regards to our curriculum.